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We Are The Pretty Indian Hair

We provide our customers with the highest quality of hair. We always take the necessary steps to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality of 100% virgin human hair. Moreover, we provide some special discount for suppliers when they purchase bulk orders. The quality of the product remains the same as of natural Indian human hair, from which hair structures are designed with smart experts of our team.

We purchase large quantities of Virgin Indian hair from the Temples of India and early select the hair we sell to our customers; we have a very thorough quality inspection process ensuring you receive a premium product free of imperfections.

We guarantee that our Hair is,

  • 100%  human hair
  • 100 % Virgin hair that has not been chemically altered or treated (Un processed)
  • Not mixed with Animal hair or synthetic hair
  • Minimal to No Shedding
  • Free from lice and eggs
  • It is 100 % Natural hair
  • Contain no extreme breakage
  • All cuticles are intact and going in the same direction (Remy hair)
  • It’s natural state makes the hair durable and re usable for up to 1 Year
  • Our unprocessed Hair gives you the freedom to color and heat- style that way you would with your own hair

PIH aware of the importance of quality and has invested its best effort, time, and resources. We guarantee to present the finest Indian hair and guarantee your satisfaction.

  • Of course, this hair is absolutely 100% virgin Indian hair collected from a single donor, so you can treat this hair exactly like human hair.
  • You can wash, curl, straighten, and dye yet without any tangling or shedding.
  •  In addition, the ratio of short hair is a lot less than other brands and it is true to length.
  • This is gorgeous, healthy Indian hair, and you will know it as soon as you feel our hair with your own hands.

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