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The term “Remy” hair is originally derived from the Indian practice of women “remitting” their hair to religion at temples.

Remy hair can more broadly be applied to refer to human hair that has been harvested from the scalp in such a manner as to keep the individual hair follicles and cuticles all aligned in the same direction (head to tail).

We all have different hair types, so it’s important to understand what will work well for you. This is where we can help and where our broad product range really comes into its own.

Indian Human Hair are preferred by people who want a natural look. This stunning real Indian hair is thick but it isn't heavy. It feels light and airy especially after being washed. Real Indian hair is naturally straight but will go wavy after a few days of application and even more so when washed and most people just love this contrast. Wearing it in a bun overnight will enhance the waves, and a quick blow-dry with heat or running irons through the hair will revert it back to straight.


Now that you know about hair types, you will probably be dying to start choosing what you want. Let’s break this down too:

Virgin Hair - Virgin by name, virgin by nature. This hair has been carefully hand selected in its natural state, has been cleaned and is un-coloured and un-processed. It therefore only comes in natural hair colours. The life cycle of the hair is around 12 months. You’ll probably need to get it re-installed around every year - and is very low maintenance. This type of virgin hair is perfect for those who don’t tend to change their look much.

This Virgin Hair is supplied in 3 varieties by us without doing any artificial process.
1. Remy Single Drawn Bulk Hair (Loose Hair)
2. Remy Single Drawn Weft Hair
3. Remy Single Drawn Hand Weft Hair

Bulk Hair

BULK (or Loose) hair is free of any external attachments or applications and is typically applied through braiding. Note that BULK hair is sometimes purchased by clients who wish to apply their own glue to create Tips/Fusion, make hand wefts or to make custom lace closures, frontal pieces and full wigs.

What is Single Drawn Hair?
It’s a bundle of hair that appears like a ponytail because some of the short lengths of re-growth hair are kept in the bundle. Some think the shorter lengths are split-ends, in fact, re-growth hair is strong new hair and plays a large part in the health and vitality of a bundle of hair. Single Drawn hair has a number of advantages. It is high quality and cost effective to you and the supplier alike.Also, the shorter lengths make the bundles appear tapered. Single Drawn Hair is commonly used in high quality hairpieces, wigs and of course, our wonderful range of Premium hair extensions.

What is Double Drawn Hair?
It’s a bundle of hair that is all one length. There are no shorter lengths of hair present, which creates a very smooth and polished look. The term ‘Double Drawn’ refers to a mechanical process that draws out all the shorter lengths from a bundle and then draws again to realign the top of the bundle. This high quality hair of one length creates a seamless, silky curtain of hair which is perfectly aligned, providing the illusion of naturally thick, beautiful hair. Double Drawn Hair is commonly used for high priced custom-made wigs, hairpieces, our fantastic Superior hair extensions and is particularly useful to hair-loss sufferers.

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